Engineering and design

This is the hub of the Group's ideas; this young company channels all the experience of the Toto Costruzioni Generali planning division into new and more ambitious projects. Established in 2011, InfraEngineering handles the planning, execution and monitoring of public and private works. It specialises in the development of new construction technologies for road and rail infrastructure and renewable energy plants, and stands out from its competitoris thanks to detailed research into innovative materials and wind power towers. A young, talented and motivated team of approximately 40 professionals, for the most part engineers and designers, is organised into planning, managerial and monitoring divisions and lends its skills to support the Group's companies and third party agencies. Use of the most innovative technologies and constant pursuit of the highest standards of quality are what distinguish the Company. An example is the use of advanced IT software to manage the lifecycle of infrastructure projects. This system received Quality Management System certification in conformity with the standard UNI EN ISO 9001:2008.



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