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Quattroruote The complanaires of the A24. Doubling the lanes.

By | 1 Settembre 2012|Dicono di noi|

Think about 14 km of new highway. Not a big deal, you may think. If, however, the stretch in question is now the most important construction site in Lazio and impacts every day on the movements of hundreds of thousands of Romans, everything changes...

Tunnelling Journal Sparvo Giant. World’s biggest TBM

By | 1 Giugno 2012|Dicono di noi|

Anyone who has driven in Italy knows the dramatic multiple viaduct-tunnel sequences that carry many of the scenic autostrada routes. Italian engineers have become some of the world's...  

More Months for TEMPI – Special Great Works – Let’s dig the future

By | 1 Marzo 2012|Dicono di noi|

In the construction sites of the Variante di Valico, where Toto's hi-tech men and machines work at full speed to restore oxygen to central Italy...