Rome, 25 April 2014 – Four new lanes have been opened to the traffic along the Urban Stretch of the A24 Motorway, overall almost 20 kilometers of new roads.

The decision to bring forward at most the completion of the Slip Roads in Northeast Rome was made some months ago by Strada dei Parchi Spa, at local authorities’ request. The opening of the new motorway sections came gradually, during the last few weeks, and has been extended to the whole Urban Stretch by 11 April.

“According to the original project the construction works completion was scheduled on 26 May 2014” said Cesare Ramadori, Managing Director of Strada dei Parchi, “The closing of the construction site and the early opening to circulation of the Slip Roads allow us to enhance the quality of our service. Particularly by reducing the inconveniences for customers driving on A24: during the past 35 working months, in accordance with the construction company Toto Costruzioni Generali, we tried to ease the inevitable interferences and problems caused by a construction site in the middle of a urban stretch motorway. And I must acknowledge that Toto showed great efficiency”.

Ramadori remarked that another goal was achieved: “We worked hard, night and day, to complete the work in time for such crucial days, to give Rome a new and up-to-date infrastructure, as in the main European cities”.

“We are proud of this achievement” Cesare Ramadori summarizes. “In our Country we are used to seeing public works grinding on for years, delay after delay.  But in this case we are closing the largest building site located in a densely populated area of the last twenty years in Italy, and we are doing it before scheduled time. It is also about a major work cost exactly as expected in the budget, not even one cent more. This outcome shows that in Italy when there’s a will, there’s a way”.

The opening of the Slip Roads started during the Easter break to end in these last days to welcome the huge flow of pilgrims headed to Saint Peter’s Basilica to celebrate the canonization of the two Popes, Angelo Roncalli and Karol Wojtyla.



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