Founded in the 60s, it represents the original nucleus of the Toto Group. Today, in Italy, it is one of the most dynamic companies for the construction of complex infrastructures, both for road and rail transport. Its proven heritage of professionalism and wealth of experience in the field makes it the engine of the Group, ready to put its efficiency and executive effectiveness at the service of other Toto companies, from maintenance and modernization of the motorway company Strada dei Parchi to the construction of plants for renewable energy Renexia. The constant striving for technological innovation and reliability in the execution of projects have marked the history and explained the success of Toto today as a general contractor. Specialization in the construction of tunnels, including the use of advanced mechanised excavation technologies, and in the construction of viaducts using innovative engineering techniques, have made Toto Costruzioni Generali a particularly active presence in strengthening Italy’s infrastructure network. A dynamic company that today is also entering the international market, at the forefront of complex projects, wherever the challenges of the territory require a global specialization in the development and application of cutting-edge technical solutions.

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