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Two arches on the Po. The Mantuan bridge takes shape

Work has begun in recent weeks on the restoration of the bridge linking the municipalities of Bagnolo San Vito and San Benedetto Po, in the province of Mantua. At the end of the operation, which will last a little less than two years, the bridge will look completely new and it will be easier for both motorists and cyclists to pass from one bank of the river to the other.

Perfectly in tune with the landscape of Mantua’s countryside, the new bridge – dark red in colour – will be formed by two steel arches placed side by side, for a total length of about 330 metres. The provincial road will continue to run on the bridge, which will be flanked in both directions by side cycle/pedestrian lanes. The bridge will also be a spectacle during the construction phase: to move and lay the elements assembled on the ground, specially equipped large pontoons will be used, which will allow the components of the structure to “walk on water”. The intervention concerns the restructuring of the bridge over the Po river of the former Provincial Road S.S. 413 “Romana” in the municipalities of Bagnolo San Vito and San Benedetto Po, both belonging to the province of Mantua, bordering on the central position of the Po’s riverbed. It extends for a length of about 613 m along the S.P. ex S.S. 413 “Romana” crossing on the left hydraulic bank, first the Municipality of Bagnolo San Vito and then the Municipality of San Benedetto Po, on the right bank