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Seventy worksites on viaducts to secure the A24 and A25

The first major anti-seismic intervention on Italian motorways

Interested routes: Rome-L’ Aquila-Teramo-Chieti-Pescara

Since May 2017, over 70 construction sites have been opened by Toto Costruzioni Generali on the A24 and A25 motorways. This is an important contract worth more than € 110 million aimed at the urgent safety of the viaducts of the two motorways that cross one of the Apennine stretches between Lazio and Abruzzo, which have been hit hardest by earthquakes in recent years.

In a few weeks, thirty yards were opened first, then another forty along the motorway that connects Rome with L’ Aquila, Teramo, Chieti and Pescara. The works take place both above and below the decks of the motorways managed by Strada dei Parchi Spa, and employ about 900 workers and specialized technicians.

The objective is to create steel and concrete structures capable of preventing that, in the event of an earthquake, the supports of the old decks can give way and determine a step on the road surface, very dangerous for those who travel over it.

In order to be able to work under the viaducts, scaffoldings have been created at the base of the piles and suspended bridges anchored on the road surface, using techniques and highly specialised personnel to work suspended in the void.

On the Pietrasecca viaduct, on the A24 between Carsoli and Tagliacozzo, which reaches a height of 70 meters and is about 1 km and 800 meters long, there are currently 10 scaffoldings. We are also working on the San Sisto viaduct, which crosses the city of L’Aquila. Here, in 2009, the road surface raised as a result of the earthquake. 500 days are scheduled for the interventions. The aim is to finish much earlier than the deadline, to reduce the inconvenience for those who travel.