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Projects: Wind Power

Med Wind

Conceived by Renexia and located in the Strait of Sicily, Med Wind represents the first floating offshore wind farm in the Mediterranean. It will consist of up to 190 floating wind turbines for an installed capacity of about 2.8 GW and an estimated annual production of almost 9TWh.

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Taranto Offshore Project

The plant, the first wind farm in the Mediterranean Sea, consists of 10 turbines with a total capacity of approximately 30 MW and a consequent estimated production of over 58.000 MWh/year, which corresponds to the energy needs of 18.500 families / 60.000 people.

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Maryland Offshore Wind Project

In 2014 USWind, a company founded in 2011 and fully owned by Renexia SpA, was awarded, through an auction launched by the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM), a lease of 80.000 acres of water, roughly 17 miles from the coast of Ocean City, for the development of an Offshore wind farm of variable power

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Casalduni Wind Farm

Place: Diruggio-Mastarzo-PIP-Collemarino-Fortunato-Zincolella-Acquaro – Municipalities of Casalduni and Pontelandolfo (BN) Total production: 126.400 MWh/Year In March 2016, the Campania Region authorized the company Parco Eolico Casalduni House – PECH srl, a subsidiary of Renexia SpA, to the construction and operation of a wind farm of total power of 36 MW. Later, in November 2019, PECH was

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Circello Wind FARM

Location: Piana Barone, Costa Pagliara – Circello (BN) Total production: 74.500 MWh/Year Surrounded by the greenery of Piana Barone and the hill of Montefreddo, in the Municipality of Circello (BN), there is a wind power plant, with a total power of 27 MW, authorized by the Campania Region in 2012 and built by Renexia Services

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Ponte Albanito Wind Park

Place: Ponte Albanito – Municipality of Foggia (FG) Total production: 55.800 MWh/Year In October 2011, the Puglia Region issued the Authorization to the construction and operation of a wind farm with a total capacity of 22,8 MW and to carry out the related connection works to the National Transmission Grid. The wind farm is located

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