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Founded in 2011 as a natural evolution of Toto S.p.A.’s “Renewable Energy” division, Renexia is responsible for the development, design, construction and management of plants for the exploitation of renewable energy. An efficient and flexible organization, modulated in two units per areas of competence, allows the company to operate on “green” energies such as photovoltaic and wind power.

The long experience gained by the other companies of the group allows an EPC Contractor approach, ensuring overall control of the life cycle of the plants, from design to management and maintenance.

Renexia studies, develops and builds plants that transform renewable energy into a real source of income and wellbeing for the community. 

Renexia’s team is made of experts capable of working in synergy, conceiving and developing every project in the field of renewable energy: from conception to management of bureaucratic procedures, from testing the plant to “turn-key” delivery to the customer. These are projects that already have value today and are intended to leave their mark on future generations. Working in the field of renewable energy also means this: reality in the present and foresight for the future.

wind plant construction timelapse

A company founded in 2011 under American law, it has acquired maritime concessions off the coasts of New Jersey and Maryland with the aim of authorising and subsequently building plants for the production of electricity from offshore wind power sources. 

Why Offshore? 

Offshore wind turbines have already been successfully used in Europe and other parts of the world. Offshore winds are generally more consistent and stronger than land-based winds. Harnessing the power of offshore winds will help America meet its renewable energy goals building a modern, clean energy economy and ensuring healthy, sustainable communities.