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Founded in the 60s, it represents the original nucleus of the Toto Group. Today, in Italy, it is one of the most dynamic companies for the construction of complex infrastructures, both for road and rail transport. The company is specialized in tunnelling, both with traditional methods and mechanized technology, and in the construction of large bridges and viaducts in metal carpentry, using segment technology or beams in prestressed concrete for large spans. Toto is also among the leading companies in Italy in heavy prefabrication and has been so for over thirty years.

Its proven heritage of professionalism and wealth of experience in the field makes it the engine of the Group, ready to put its efficiency and executive effectiveness at the service of other Toto companies, from maintenance and modernization of the motorway company Strada dei Parchi to the construction of plants for renewable energy Renexia. The constant striving for technological innovation and reliability in the execution of projects have marked the history and explained the success of Toto today as a general contractor. Specialization in the construction of tunnels, including the use of advanced mechanised excavation technologies, and in the construction of viaducts using innovative engineering techniques, have made Toto Costruzioni Generali a particularly active presence in strengthening Italy’s infrastructure network. A dynamic company that today is also entering the international market, at the forefront of complex projects, wherever the challenges of the territory require a global specialization in the development and application of cutting-edge technical solutions.

The company works on behalf of public and private clients, such as: ANAS, Società Autostrade per l’Italia S.p.A., Ferrovie dello Stato S.p.A., and local authorities. With its consolidated presence throughout the country, in the last twenty years, Toto has grown internationally, with important works carried out in the Middle East and Eastern Europe.

The know-how of the company, expressed through the professionalism of its technicians, the continuous research and development activities and the use of avant-garde construction methods, today makes Toto Costruzioni Generali a General Contractor able to satisfy its customers’ every requirement, meeting the deadlines on time, with a high quality standard and with a distinctive problem solving approach.

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Quality of works, environmental protection, worker safety. These are the values that Toto Costruzioni Generali has always pursued and are the basis of the Group’s activities in all its areas of action. In order to promote an even more effective quality, environmental and safety policy, the company has developed a single integrated model that summarises in the same text the procedures provided for by UNI EN ISO 9001, UNI EN ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 standards. A handbook tailored to the company’s needs, since it was prepared by a team of internal experts, who in 10 months, gathered the experience of all Toto construction sites to draw up a series of procedures that meet the real needs of the works to be carried out.

Toto Costruzioni Generali operates in line with the following principles to improve the quality of products and services and environmental protection, to prevent pollution and to guarantee the safety of workers:

  • Full compliance with the regulations in force at Community, national and local level
  • Pollution prevention and minimisation of environmental impact
  • Safety and health management system to eliminate or minimise risks to employees and other stakeholders
  • Environmental management system to eliminate, reduce or control the possible negative environmental impact, comply with legal requirements and any other requirements that the company subscribes to
  • Attention to quality, safety and environment extended also to the workers of contractors and subcontractors working on Toto sites.
  • Use of processes, technologies and materials to reduce the consumption of natural resources
  • Minimising the possibility of accidental spillage or spreading of hazardous substances on the ground
  • Restoration of site areas at the end of works, so as to regenerate the territory and leave the environment as close as possible to initial conditions
  • Involvement and motivation of all staff, through information and training operations, on quality and safety issues on construction sites and environmental aspects
  • Involvement of suppliers, contractors and subcontractors in sharing their policies on quality, safety and environment
  • Periodic checks, inspections and internal audits carried out periodically to verify the correct application of the integrated system and prevent any situations of non-compliance
  • Preparation of environmental and safety emergency plans, including accident prevention measures and emergency procedures to mitigate their effects

Toto also undertakes, through its constant dialogue with collaborators and interested parties, to periodically review the validity of the Single Integrated Model in order to keep it consistent with the company spirit.


On November 26th,  2013, Toto Costruzioni Generali received in London, the title Contractor of the Year of the International Tunnelling Awards at a solemn ceremony at the Grosvenor House Hotel. An international jury of experts, selected by the historic magazine New Civil Engineer and the International Tunnelling and Underground Space Association (ITA-AITES), has defined Toto’s role as a general contractor as exemplary in the search for innovative solutions, risk management and involvement of stakeholders in the mechanized excavation of the Sparvo Tunnel, on the A1 motorway Variante di Valico.  During the ceremony, the Sparvo Tunnel itself was awarded Project of the Year.

The use of innovative solutions, attention to detail around planning and risk management, and the engagement of staff and stakeholders make this an exemplar of how to deliver a complex tunnelling project“.

Mark Hansford, New Civil Engineer