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Energy and movement for the sustainable development of modern societies

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Human Factor and technological excellence

More than forty years have passed since the first road projects to the latest generation plants for the production of renewable energy, but the rigour and passion have remained unchanged over time

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design, construction, operations, maintenance

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Founded in the 60s, it represents the original nucleus of the Toto Group. Today, in Italy, it is one of the most dynamic companies for the construc…

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The Group projects itself into the future of energy with this young and competent company that assimilates and updates the tradition started by Toto Co…

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This is the forge of the Group where construction projects take shape, a newly established company that brings together the experience of Toto …

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It is the green heart of the Group. Acquired in 2001, the dual A24 and A25 motorways cross five natural oasis, including national and regional parks …

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Quality, Reliability, Technology

Railway section Cefalù – Castelbuono

Client: Italferr S.p.A. Work cost: € 338,576,440 The project consists in the construction of 12.3 km of the Cefalù – Castelbuono railway section, on the Palermo – …

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Maryland Offshore Wind Project

In 2014 USWind, a company founded in 2011 and fully owned by Renexia SpA, was awarded, through an auction launched …

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Variante di Valico

The Variante di Valico crosses two regions (Tuscany and Emilia Romagna), two provinces (Florence and Bologna) and eight municipalities, for a total of about 58 …

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Pontepo Bridge (Province of Mantua)

Pontepo is an indispensable work for the territory and the inhabitants which will allow the return to complete viability.The bridge …

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Taranto Offshore Project

Place: External roadstead of the port of Taranto – Puglia. Total production: 55.600 MWh/year Beleolico s.r.l. is a project company …

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Sparvo Tunnel

lots 6-7 of the Variante di Valico As tall as a 5-storey building, “Martina” is the world’s largest tunnel milling machine …

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