The Group has been working for over forty years in the construction of complex road and rail infrastructures, as EPC contractor. It is among the most dynamic Italian companies in the tunnelling activity, both with traditional methods and with mechanized technology, so it makes use of the most advanced TBMs. Toto boasts a consolidated experience in the construction of bridges and viaducts with innovative techniques. It works for major public and private clients, both in Italy and abroad.


The Group is responsible for one of Italy’s most important motorway networks, the A24-A25, the fastest direct link between the Tyrrhenian Sea and the Adriatic.  280 kilometres that cross the main natural parks of Central Italy and connect the A1 motorway with the A14 motorway, reaching just a few kilometres away from the historic centre of the Capital. Toto’s experience is at the service of this transport infrastructure of high economic and strategic value.


Among the new industrial initiatives, alternative energy sources are one of the Group’s leading sectors, to which Toto provides all its entrepreneurial experience and know-how in the construction sector. Its main activities are the design and construction of large RES (Renewable Energy Sources) plants using photovoltaic and wind technology, including offshore technology, a sector for which the Group is also present in North Africa and the United States.



For the development of new construction projects, Toto has its own engineering company, the result of its forty years of experience in construction, which provides the Group’s subsidiaries and the market with engineering know-how and technical support with highly qualified professionals. In this sector too, Toto always ensures the experience, competence and dynamism that are the basis of all its companies.