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Toto, the best construction company where to work in Italy

A survey conducted by Statista for Panorama puts the company from Abruzzo in first place in terms of quality of work perceived by employees in the construction sector of major works.

One of the world’s largest statistical agencies has conducted a survey for the weekly magazine Panorama on where employees and managers are most satisfied. In the field of infrastructure construction, Toto Group takes first place in this sector, which is the top ranking “of the most desired companies and institutions”.  The results of the survey, which involved over 1900 large Italian groups, were published in a 20-page file by the Mondadori group’s weekly magazine. For over forty years, Panorama magazine has been one of the most important and authoritative weekly magazines in politics, economics and customs in Italy.

In order to make the list of 400 companies and bodies where Italians aspire to work, a statistical survey was commissioned that involved an audience of 15 thousand workers, in a universe of about 1900 companies with more than 250 employees.  The company that carried out the survey is Statista GmbH of Hamburg, a company specialized in the field of demoscopic surveys, which operates mainly in an international context, so as to ensure the impartiality of the surveys. Twenty-one sectors of activity were involved in the survey: ranging from food to cars, passing through services, new technologies and more traditional constructions.  Toto Group excelled in the sector where our company has been operating since 1961, the construction of infrastructures. Behind Toto, in place of honour for this special classification on the most desirable companies to work in are Pizzarotti & C. and in third position Astaldi. For the car sector, the first place went to Ferrari. In plant engineering the best performance was that of Siemens, while for the pharmaceutical sector Bayer. Ferrero in the food sector, and Enel in the raw materials and energy sector.

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