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Aglio Viaduct

A1 Variante di Valico – Lotto 13

  • Length: 598 m
  • Spans: 3+2
  • Light: 77÷148m
  • H max Pile: 80,00m
  • Prefabrication of ashlars on site: made by TOTO

The Aglio viaduct has a total length of 598 m, developed with 3 central spans of 148 m and 2 side spans of 77 m. It is made with a balanced cantilever casting technique (Dywidag technology) and has central piles with a maximum height of about 80 m. The total width of the viaduct is 19.70 m, the platform being made up of three lanes, one emergency lane and one for entry. The deck is made of paving bars varying in length between 3.35 m and 4.70 m, and an equally variable height between a minimum of 3 m to a maximum of 7.50 m.