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Lunghezza Plant | Bath tub beams

A 24 – Complanare di Rome – Lunghezza (RM)

  • Plant surface area: 3,822 m³
  • Specialized personnel: 27 units
  • Planned work shifts: one eight-hour shift per day
  • Prefabricated concrete production volume per day: 50 mc/dd
  • Average daily production of beams in prestressed reinforced concrete: 1 beam/day
  • Prestressed reinforced concrete beam weight: between 75 and 103 tons
  • Length of prestressed reinforced concrete beam: between 13 m and 29 m
  • Average daily production of support walls and deck predalles: 20 elements/day

Within the prefabrication plant there are three main production lines; one relating to the construction of reinforced concrete beams, and two related to the construction of support walls and predalles for reinforced concrete bridges.

In addition, within the plant, there are two templates for the construction of reinforcement cages for the production of beams and a line for assembling shaped iron used for the construction of support walls and predalles.

The daily production of the beams (one element per working day) is guaranteed by the accelerated maturation through steam, which is generated through a special thermal power station on the back of the plant itself.

This, therefore, makes it possible to obtain the minimum mechanical resistance required by the design, for releasing the prestressing cables and then proceed to extract the beam produced by the formwork itself, and thus start the production cycle of the next element. The beams have obtained the CE mark, i. e. the certification of conformity to European standards, which gives considerable value both to the manufactured products and to the construction methodology.