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Sparvo plant | tunnel sections

  • Plant surface area: 5,800 m³
  • Specialised staff: 93 units
  • Daily production volume of prefabricated ashlars: 570 mc/dd
  • Average daily ashlar production: 80, equal to 16 meters of tunnel
  • Single ashlar weight: 17 tons
  • Ashlar arch development: max. 5 meters
  • Ashlar thickness: 70 cm
  • Ashlar width: 2 meters

To build the Sparvo Tunnel (A1 Variante di Valico – lots 6/7) Toto Costruzioni Generali has built one of the world’s largest plants for the production of prefabricated ashlars, a short distance from the double barrel tunnel, a true excellence in the sector. The components, made of pre-stressed concrete, are unique worldwide for the dimensions of the standard element, which weighs about 17 tons. The plant is divided into three distinct operating units, within which technicians and workers co-operate, and thanks to their professionalism, an average daily production rate of 80/90 ashlars is reached.