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S.S. 47 Valsugana (TN)

  • Section: Ponte Alto – Trento Nord (Martignano Alternate Route)
  • Works to widen the Valsugana National Road (S.S.47)
  • Client: Provincia Autonoma di Trento
  • Contract amount: € 111,220,567

The project involves the building of an alternate route to the existing S.S. 47 through the construction of a twin-tube tunnel, with each tube measuring 2,750 m, dug using a TBM and lined with precast reinforced concrete segments measuring 1.50 m in length and 40 cm in thickness. In addition to the tunnel under the
hamlet of Martignano, the project also involves the construction of a tunnel measuring 305 m in length and built using traditional excavation methods, vehicle
by-passes and other minor completion works. The TBM used, known as “Tecla”, is a machine designed to excavate rocky soil characterised by great strength and hardness. It has an excavation diameter of 12.05 m, a total length of 130 m and approximately 5 MW of installed power, able to dig and line an average of 16 ml of tunnel per day.

Tecla “TBM numbers