Toto Holding

Taranto Offshore Project

  • Place: External roadstead of the port of Taranto – Puglia.
  • Total production: 55.600 MWh/year

Beleolico s.r.l. is a project company that holds the rights, permits, approvals and clearances for the construction and management of a wind farm that will be built in the external roadstead of the port of Taranto (Puglia Region). The wind farm will be the first Offshore built in the Mediterranean Sea and will rise on a water surface of approximately 131.000 square meters and a state-owned maritime area of ​​455 square meters, granted for 30 years by the Taranto Port Authority and delivered to the company in April 2019.

On August 20th, 2016, Beleolico was listed, in the rankings published by the Energy Services Manager for participation in the auction relating to the Renewable Energy Ministerial Decree of June 23rd, 2016, in a useful position to obtain an incentive rate of 161,7 €/MWh. The company is entitled to an additional 40,0 €/MWh due to it will be an Offshore plant that will carry out the connection works to the National Transmission Grid on its own. Therefore the total incentive rate will amount to 201,7 €/MWh.

Description: The plant, currently under construction, will consist of 10 turbines with a total capacity of approximately 30 MW and a consequent estimated production of 55.600 MWh/year, which corresponds to the energy needs of 18.500 families.

The EPC contractor is Renexia Services s.r.l., a company fully owned by Renexia S.p.