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Construction of a real estate complex comprising residential units, offices and commercial premises

  • Client: Ambra S.r.l.
  • Contract amount: € 26,270,000

The project involves the construction of a real estate complex located in the downtown of Chieti Scalo comprising 80 residential units as well as commercial premises. The new complex comprises a completely pedestrianised main square in the centre of which there are two towers, each with eight floors above ground level and some lower buildings placed along the square’s perimeter. Parking spaces and garages for the overlying real estate units are located in the basement. The ground floor, on level with the square, is used for commercial purposes, featuring a wide arcade along the side buildings. The first floor is used for offices while the remaining floors feature luxury residential units with high-quality plants and fixtures. The buildings comply with current anti-seismic regulations. This new construction tends to upgrade the current downtown of Chieti Scalo, fitting in with the existing social and urban fabric in a harmonious, rational manner.