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Carestia Tunnel

A24 Strada dei Parchi

  • Length: 830 m
  • Excavation section: 156 m³
  • Digging radius: 7.70
  • Coating thickness: 90 cm
  • Consolidation: front no. 30 VTR L = 18 m – contour no. 55 Reinforced micro-piles L = 15 m
  • Vehicle and/or pedestrian by-passes: n. 2 pedestrians, L = 33 m
  • Technological installations: LED handrail on both sides

The Carestia tunnel (single barrel) is 830 m long. The type of excavation used is the traditional one with a poly-centric section of 156 m³ with an excavation radius of 7.70 m and a final lining of 90 cm. The most common type of advancement section provides for pre-consolidation at the front with 30 VTR 18m long, while on the contour there are 55 reinforced Micro-piles 15 m long. Two pedestrian bypasses of 33 m in length were also built. The tunnel is equipped with a led handrail on both sides of the carriageway.