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Castelpagano – Pontelandolfo Power Line

The Castelpagano – Pontelandolfo power line is a major work of strategic impact that the company Parco Eolico Casalduni House – PECH srl, fully owned by Renexia SpA, realized for the National Electricity Transmission Grid manager Terna SpA. It consists of an high-voltage connection, through an overhead line to 150 kV, between the electric station SE Castelpagano and the electric station SE Pontelandolfo.

Description: The construction of a several new wind farms, in the province of Benevento, required an expansion of the National Electricity Transmission Grid. In particular, Renexia Services s.r.l., already involved in the construction of the wind farms in the Municipalities of Circello and Casalduni, carried out the network work energized in June 2019.

The entire power line measures approximately 23 km, including the connection junctions to the SE Morcone, another electric station located between the two mentioned above.