Toto Holding


Works to build the Francavilla al Mare alternate route, with link-up of the Pescara alternate route with the Ortona alternate
route – Part 1, from Pescara alternate route to S.S. 263 – Lot 1 – S.S. 16 (one carriageway)

  • Client: ANAS S.p.A.
  • Contract amount: € 180,773,764

The project involves the construction of an alternate route around the town of Francavilla measuring a total of 9.3 km in length. The project’s characteristic features are two bored tunnels measuring a total of 5,543 m, 4 viaducts measuring a total of 584 m, built using prestressed reinforced concrete girders, as well as interchanges and a by-pass road, the latter consisting in a
cut-and-cover tunnel measuring 272 m and several viaducts totalling 715 m.