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Hadath – Syrian Border Highway (Lebanon)

  • Length: North 430 m; South 430 m
  • Spans: No. 11
  • Light: 40 m
  • Max piles height: 70 m
  • Precast concrete: made by Toto

The Mdeirej viaduct has a total length of 430 m divided into 11 spans of 40 m, with separate decks and substructures for each carriageway. It is built with prefabricated beams made continuous through solidarisation in place, and crosses a wide and deep valley in straight line with the central piles at a considerable height of about 70 m maximum. The overall width of the viaduct is 33.30 m (16.15 m + 16.15 m) and supports carriageways consisting of three lanes plus one emergency lane. For each carriageway, the deck is made up of three prefabricated “tub” beams of 2.00 m in height, placed at a distance of 5.00 m, connected to each other, in addition to the transverse head-pile, by a slab cast in place of 25 cm, which brings the deck to a total height of 2.25 m. The beams were prefabricated directly on site by Toto.