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State Road 260 “Picente”

  • Location: L’Aquila Province
  • Contract amount: € 61.000.000
  • Client: ANAS S.p.A.

The work, worth a total of 61 million euros, covers a 6.4 km stretch of State Road 260 “Picente” between the municipalities of Montereale and Capitignano, in the province of L’Aquila. The road, which connects the Capital of Abruzzo to the Adriatic Coast, bypassing the Gran Sasso mountain, crosses the epicenters of the most devastating earthquakes of recent years and is in need of a modernization, which adapts it to the standards provided for the C2 category roads.

Toto, in charge of the works, presented a project to adapt the road to a total of 9.5 meters, using two 3.5-metre lanes, one per direction of travel, and side docks of 1.25 meters. Among the works in variant, there is a tunnel of 1148 meters, to be built near the village of Marana, which provides an emergency tunnel about 4 meters in diameter, to be excavated with the help of a TBM. Four new bridges and a viaduct, totaling 300 meters, will be put in place with prestressed concrete beams and will be adapted to the latest seismic standards. A new layer of draining asphalt, new roundabouts and grafts connecting with the main population centers will complete a long-awaited work, which will be completed in 36 months from the delivery.