Toto Holding

The Group


/ 01 Philosophy Future, synergies, new technologies. The corporate philosophy of the Toto Group moves along these three tracks, putting the values ​​of quality, reliability and technology at the centre of its activity to contribute to the growth of the Country. Infrastructures are designed as a means to imagine and build the future and to …

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FInancial Results

/ 01 Annual reports Toto Holding S.p.A. Annual Report 2020 Toto Holding (ITA) Annual Report 2019 Toto Holding (ENG) Annual Report 2018 Toto Holding (ENG) – 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 Total Production Revenues 367,820 401,125 397,885 507,909 378,256 280,494 of which Turnover from sales and services 296,103 362,788 239,953 287,339 266,670 221,560 Ebitda …

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Corporate Governance

/ 01 Internal Control And Risk Management TOTO Holding S.p.A. executes its management and control of the Company through a sound and transparent way in fulfilment of national and international legal provisions, particularly in compliance with: the requisites of Legislative Decree 231/2001 containing the “Discipline of the administrative liability of legal persons”. the principles of …

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