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September 2020

Railway section Cefalù – Castelbuono

The project consists in the construction of 12.3 km of the Cefalù – Castelbuono railway section, on the Palermo – Messina line, entirely as a variant on double tracks. Works include the construction of 3 tunnels. The Cefalù, a double tunnelled track 6,700 m long, was built using mechanized excavation methods thanks to a TBM with a diameter of 9.98 m. The Sant’Ambrogio tunnel (4,300 m) and […]

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Variante di Valico

The Variante di Valico crosses two regions (Tuscany and Emilia Romagna), two provinces (Florence and Bologna) and eight municipalities, for a total of about 58 km. The aim of the project is to modernize the Autostrada del Sole in the Florence – Bologna tract, straddling the Apennines: one of the busiest areas in Italy and one of the most exposed to seismic

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Sparvo Tunnel

lots 6-7 of the Variante di Valico As tall as a 5-storey building, “Martina” is the world’s largest tunnel milling machine used by Toto Costruzioni Generali to dig the “Sparvo” tunnel, the most demanding of the Variante di Valico, consisting of two carriageways for a total length of about 5 km (2,431m for the northbound barrel;

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viadotto aglio

Aglio Viaduct

A1 Variante di Valico – Lotto 13 Length: 598 m Spans: 3+2 Light: 77÷148m H max Pile: 80,00m Prefabrication of ashlars on site: made by TOTO The Aglio viaduct has a total length of 598 m, developed with 3 central spans of 148 m and 2 side spans of 77 m. It is made with

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