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Concession contract for upgrading and improvement of the Adriatico Sangritana Railway;

  • Section: Val di Sangro – Archi Station
  • Client: Ministry of Transport
  • Contract amount: € 98,804,805

The project involves the construction of approximately 10 km of new railway in the section between the towns of San Vito
Chietino and Lanciano, and construction of the section between Val di Sangro and Archi Station for an additional 10 km.
The San Vito Chietino-Lanciano section is characterised by some major works such as 3 viaducts for a total length of 1,200 m, the new station at Lanciano, the workshop depot and the relative by-pass line. The section runs for an additional 9.5 km in the section between Archi Station and the intersection with the current railway line near Val di Sangro, but is not characterised by any major structures given the flatness of the area it runs through.