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Projects: Precast Concrete

Sparvo plant | tunnel sections

Plant surface area: 5,800 m³ Specialised staff: 93 units Daily production volume of prefabricated ashlars: 570 mc/dd Average daily ashlar production: 80, equal to 16 meters of tunnel Single ashlar weight: 17 tons Ashlar arch development: max. 5 meters Ashlar thickness: 70 cm Ashlar width: 2 meters To build the Sparvo Tunnel (A1 Variante di

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Lunghezza Plant | Bath tub beams

A 24 – Complanare di Rome – Lunghezza (RM) Plant surface area: 3,822 m³ Specialized personnel: 27 units Planned work shifts: one eight-hour shift per day Prefabricated concrete production volume per day: 50 mc/dd Average daily production of beams in prestressed reinforced concrete: 1 beam/day Prestressed reinforced concrete beam weight: between 75 and 103 tons Length of prestressed reinforced concrete beam: between 13

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