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Projects: Bridges

Pontepo Bridge (Province of Mantua)

Pontepo is an indispensable work for the territory and the inhabitants which will allow the return to complete viability.The bridge will also be equipped with safe cycle paths and will have a low environmental impact and certain realization times.

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viadotto aglio

Aglio Viaduct

A1 Variante di Valico – Lotto 13 Length: 598 m Spans: 3+2 Light: 77÷148m H max Pile: 80,00m Prefabrication of ashlars on site: made by TOTO The Aglio viaduct has a total length of 598 m, developed with 3 central spans of 148 m and 2 side spans of 77 m. It is made with

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Ritiro Viaduct – Messina

Client: Consorzio per le Autostrade Sicilane Work cost: € 43.522.943 With this project, Toto was awarded the contract for the static adjustment and seismic improvement works of the Ritiro viaduct on the A20 motorway that connects Messina and Palermo.

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A6 Turin – Savona – Carmagnola tract – Priero Length: 2,750 mSpans: 29+2Light: 70÷90 mMax piles height: 80.00 m The viaduct has an overall length of 2,750 m, with a continuous beam of 31 spans with a light of 70 metres for the end spans and 90 metres for all the others. The piles of

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Hadath – Syrian Border Highway (Lebanon) Length: North 430 m; South 430 m Spans: No. 11 Light: 40 m Max piles height: 70 m Precast concrete: made by Toto The Mdeirej viaduct has a total length of 430 m divided into 11 spans of 40 m, with separate decks and substructures for each carriageway. It

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